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Standard Operating Processes

More time to be strategic and deliver real value

Fluid enables your organization to successfully cope with complex transformations in a dynamic environment. Endow your organization with the core processes that normalize ways of working, enabling your people to have a shared understanding to face change.

Value Design

Promote strategic alignment and value delivery through the definition, planning, and tracking of business outcomes to be delivered by projects.

External Analysis

To be dynamically aware and understand what is happening both inside the organization and unfolding outside itself in the market.

Operational Analysis

Monitor the execution of all projects, identifying and performing adjustments, to prevent conflicts and constrains between them.

Orientation Definition

Iteratively analyze and synthesize in an integrated manner to create the required guidance to lead the organization, having as input all the knowledge gathered by the other Standard Operating Processes.

Decisive Action

Continuously execute decisions taken by the Orientation Definition with enough impact to effectively and efficiently lead the organization.

Operations Planning

Continuously review the projects’ plans, to optimize operations execution, adjusting it with the input of the Orientation Definition and Decisive action Standard Operating Processes (the business priorities).

Information Distribution 
To continuously capture, organize, curate, and make available the information required for all the organization’s mgmt. levels, providing everyone the same version of the truth on a timely manner.