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Meet the Fluid Team

Our different backgrounds and fields of expertise, from Engineering to Psychology, allow us to support our customers in an integrated way, preparing them for the future.

  • João Paula de Carvalho

    João Paula de Carvalho

    Sponsoring Partner

    As the Deloitte Consulting Leader, I have been helping to shape our clients’ business through growth, technology, and innovation. I am the Fluid sponsor, which is one of the differentiating
    offers we are bringing to market, at a global scale, given the challenging context organizations are facing.

  • Ricardo Jorge Veludo

    Ricardo Jorge Veludo

    General Manager & Sales

    I am passionate about the impact of innovative and integrative solutions on the future of people, organizations, and society. I am responsible for Fluid, ensuring the management of all processes that allow a partnership that creates value for our customers.

  • David Almeida Ferreira

    David Almeida Ferreira

    Head of Product

    Finding the right solution for complex problems is what fascinates and drives me as a professional. My mission is to help our clients thrive and reap the business value of complex transformations by delivering and continuously evolving this holistic and innovative offer.

  • Teresa Sofia Filipe

    Teresa Sofia Filipe

    Head of Delivery

    Fascinated by human behavior, I have been working with several markets globally, ensuring the adoption of new tools and work processes by people. My role is to support our customers in Fluid´s implementation, ensuring it brings impactful results.

  • Fábio Daniel Gonçalves

    Fábio Daniel Gonçalves

    Head of R&D

    I have been working in Fluid Infostructure in the past years, ensuring that it supports our clients' transformation portfolios value delivery. I am currently responsible for product research and development, attentive to future trends, and guaranteeing the product's evolution.

  • André Filipe Morais

    André Filipe Morais

    UX/UI Expert

    Enthusiastic about gamification strategies and data visualization, I have worked as a web developer, with several technology stacks. My focus is to contribute to Fluid´s Infostructure UX/UI improvement. Also, I guarantee that our customers have the best performance experience with Fluid.

  • João Martins Borges

    João Martins Borges

    Product Support

    I have been working on digital transformation projects for some time now. At Fluid, my goal is to make the connection between the Delivery and the R&D teams, in order to provide the best product support experience for the customer.

  • Tiago Amorim Ramalho

    Tiago Amorim Ramalho

    Delivery Expert

    Driven by project management, I work every day to increase the power of transformation and help clients navigate complexity through effective projects. At Fluid, my goal is to ensure the program delivery provides a valuable experience for everyone involved.